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  • Do you do all your own printing?
    Yes and No. We do most of our work in-house. We have a manual screen printing presses that print up to 8 colors per side, a handful of heat presses and a 6 head embroidery machine that takes anything we throw at it. For now, we delegate Full Sublimation garments as well as very large quantities to subcontractors.
  • Do you deliver?
    Twin Falls Area: Here and there, but not often. Your order is available for pickup. Boise Area: Yes, Every Wednesday-Friday Burley/Rupert Area: Occasionally, but not usually.
  • What's the policy if you mess up my order?
    Accidents happen, but we stand behind our work 100% of the time. We'll work until you're fully satisfied. To ensure a smooth production, we'll confirm your final art work and prepare your print for production.
  • Do you have a warranty on garments I supply?
    Unfortunately we do not. Please understand mistake happen and you are bringing in your own garments at your own accord. We even reccomend you bring in extra, in the likely event of misprints. We only provide a warranty for the garments that we order.
  • Can I bring in worn garments?
    No. Bodily fluids, lotions, laundry detergents, soaps, dirt and grime do not play nice with our equipment.
  • What if I want to reorder shirts? Do you charge a set-up fee?
    Screen Printing: Yes, at a cheaper rate than the initial setup. If you do not wish to repay every time, screens may be leased. Sublimation: No. Embroidery: Yes. A one time digitizing fee. Digitizing is the specialized process of converting your artwork to an embroidery-ready file. Prices are dependant on complexity and stitch count. If you already have this file you will not be charged.
  • Who owns the Artwork? Film Positives? Screens?
    If you have paid release fees for the artwork and film positives, you own them. Any leased screens remain the property of the printer, but will not be used for anyone else. We also archive all your artwork files in our computer system.
  • What kind of ink do you use in Screen Printing?
    Plastisol inks. With the growing market and demand, we will soon include the use of discharge and waterbased inks.
  • What are your minimums?
    Screenprinting: 10 garments Sublimation: None Full Sublimation: Depends Embroidery: 6 garments Ad Specialty/Promotional Items: Depends
  • What are your preffered design file types?
    Already have your design? Send your graphics and we'll take care of the rest. Preferred files: Adobe Illustrator (All fonts must be outlined). Adobe Photoshop (Min. 300 dpi and must contain all layers.
  • What is your turnaround?
    A good turnaround is 8-15 days. Sometimes we can go faster, depending on our workload. Most printers will charge a Rush Charge if you want your order in less than 5 days. We'll try not to, however, sometimes it will be necessary. Please not that your failure to approve a mockup will jeproadize your deadline.
  • Can I count on that?
    We will do our best to exceed your deadline. We are 99.9% on time! If we're running behind schedule, maybe because the shirts arrived late, we'll let you know immediately and make every accommodation we can to make sure we deliver on time.
  • Do you have a list of references?
    Absolutely. We list our clients on our website, on our portfolio section above, for everyone to see.
  • How are your prices compared with other printers?
    We're very competitive and have worked with large regional retailers and licensors. We also encourage you not to make decisions based on low price. Some printers charge a little more because they are worth it. You can easily call us or fill out the estimate form and we can get you a custom quote quickly.
  • What is your art fee policy?
    Depending on complexity, we require an non-refundable art fee to cover our design team’s time. Think of it as a deposit. This fee will be incorporated into your final cost if you hire us for a project. All BU-created, original art/design belongs to Bilt Unlimited and it’s design team unless artwork is explicitly released in writing.
  • Art/Design Policy, Process & Procedure:"
    First Draft/Concepts, 2 Included Rounds of Revisions, Approval. Any Extra Revisions or work will be priced at $25/Half Hr.
  • What constitutes a round of revision?
    “Revisions” include rounds of edits, minor content/wording changes, color changes, image changes and minor format changes after the initial concept/draft is presented and chosen. Major revisions or total revamps will be considered a new design and will restart the process. We'll always keep you up to date on what stage of the process we are in. Typos and grammatical errors will not be counted as revisions.
  • Can you trace this image for me? How about getting rid of this watermark?
    Bilt Unlimited will not use or reproduce unlicensed artwork or designs nor do we advocate the practice of doing so. We can do our best at getting close to your vision. If a specific stock image or vector is needed we will be able to source it for you. We may also require written consent from sponsors to use their image in print.
  • What are your labor practices?
    Bilt Unlimited is proud to use ethical businesses practices, maintain city and state licenses and is a registered Garment Printer in Twin Falls.
  • Why should I hire Bilt Unlimited?
    Because at Bilt Unlimited, we guarantee customer satisfaction. We are also local, which means that you can stop by and see us in operation.
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